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New Music: Mya - 'Blackout' (Snippet)

Grammy winner Mya is speaking out against domestic violence on a new track called, “Blackout.” Mya’s camp reached out to Rihanna’s people after her fight with Chris Brown to see if the "Umbrella" singer was interested in recording the track. Check it out:

Listen / Download Here

What inspired you?
Mya: I was inspired by two different incidents involving two of my female friends. I remember being disgusted, angry, outraged, sad, sympathetic, and fearful of what I would’ve done if I were in their shoes. I’m still pissed from it and even more pissed that they are back with these guys. But those are my girls and I love ‘em for life. I just seriously hope there’s not a next time.

What did you think when you first heard of the Chris and Rihanna situation?
I honestly didn’t believe it when I first heard of the situation. I assumed it was another outrageous, untrue rumor from an illegitimate gossip site.

Did you immediately want to drop your track?
I have so many songs I’ve written [that] it didn’t even come to mind until I played a bunch of my music at a listening session and everyone responded to “Black Out” in particular. After the incident I had my management contact Rihanna’s team about giving her the song. I’m sure it’s still a sensitive time for her to address the issue at all.

Do you think some people will think you’re jumping on the bandwagon to get press for the new album?
I’m sure some people will think a bunch of nonsense as they always do… [It] comes with the territory. This is much bigger than me or an album. It’s about a silent epidemic that affects one in three women in the world. I just happen to be one of the many concerned voices.

What advice would you give Rihanna?
I’m not in the position to give proper advice unless I’ve been given all facts from the direct source(s).

Have you been a victim of domestic violence?
I haven’t been to jail or a mental institution so that should answer your question.

Read Mya's complete interview with Honey magazine by clicking here.

I think the track is pretty solid and sheds a true perspective on how Mya would deal with the situation, but its obviously not how Rihanna feels or she wouldn't be back with Chris, therefore I can't really see her taking Mya up on her offer. That said, I do think Rihanna will address the situation in some aspect, but probably not on the music front.

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