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On The Scene: Ashant & Nelly At Opening Night Of 'The Wiz' / Reviews

Last night, Grammy winner Ashanti made her stage debut as Dorothy in the Broadway stage play, The Wiz, which has garnered the songstress glowing reviews.

BET's Clay Cane:
I must say, the Long Island native did Dorothy justice. She held her own with film, stage and television legends. She captured the innocence of young Dorothy and gave her the sass when needed. Vocally, it was an Ashanti I have never heard before. Her voice was big, cascading and controlled. In The Wiz, Ashanti has proved the naysayers wrong.
Brooklyn Boy Blues:
One thing is for certain: this was not the thin-voiced pop singer I've grown accustomed to hearing on the radio. After listening to that disastrous you-tube clip of “Home" last week, I was expecting the absolute worst. But I left the theatre a changed man. Ashanti's vocals were full, powerful, and soaked in deep Gospel overtones. Though I was not overjoyed by her rendition of “Home” last night, it was still better than the youtube version. And her interpretations of “Be a Lion” and “Soon as I Get Home” made up for any perceived deficiency in the “Home” number. In fact, her rendition of “Be a Lion” was the best that I have ever heard (I’d actually place it above Stephanie Mills' version, and definitely above Diana Ross’s).
Syieve Locklair:
Ashanti delivers a strong performance; quickly silencing those who were expecting less of her.
Black Boy Blues:
Let's set the record straight, Ashanti, will never be Stephanie, Whitney or Diana, (and neither will you or any of the current Pop/RnB girls out now) but she proved she was more than able to take on the big songs in her starring role as Dorothy. Her voice was beautifully controlled, crystal clear, with a touch of vulnerability.
At the show's afterparty, Ashanti celebrated with her beau Nelly and her family, which includes mom/manager Tina Douglas and sister Shia.

The singer looked beautiful and it's nice to see that her and Nelly are still going strong. Other celebrities that were in attendence include Gayle King, Sway from MTV, and Beyonce's mother Tina Knowles.

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