New Music: Whitney Houston - 'I Look To You' [Official Lead Single] - Celebrity Bug


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New Music: Whitney Houston - 'I Look To You' [Official Lead Single]

Singing legend Whitney Houston returns to form with “I Look to You,” the first single from her new album of the same name, impacting radio July 27. The soaring ballad was written by R. Kelly and produced by Tricky Stewart and Harvey Mason Jr.


Word has it that she and Clive Davis decided to go with this one, instead of the previously announced "Million Dollar Bill", because it garnered a bigger audience reaction at her listening parties. Some sites are even reporting that the diva is gearing up for a double release of the two songs, but there's no official word on that yet.

As for the song, the lyrics are stellar and Whitney's voice captures them with a raw emotion and rich favor that only surges them to new heights. With it being no secret that she has endured her fair share of personal demons, you feel the passion and she undeniably takes you on a believable journey that feels authentic.

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