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Chris Brown On 'Larry King Live' [Full Interview]

Chris Brown's highly publicized interview with 'Larry King Live', finally aired tonight and saw the singer speaking out for the first time in a full interview, since he assaulted girlfriend Rihanna in February.

To put it bluntly, the interview seemed kind of pointless since he didn't want to talk about or address the incident and when he did talk, he stuttered so much that it made it hard to believe or take a word he said seriously. It seemed like his attorney Mark Geragos caught on and tried to intervene, at times, as did his mother Joyce Hawkins, in an effort to make it come off creditable.

Ultimately, everyone will have their notions and opinions about this interview, but I think most of it hurt his chances of mounting a comeback than it helped (See: Chris' denial of the two previous altercations, his failure to remember the actual incident, and his reactions to the photo and police reports).

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