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ABC released a sneak peek of the interview with Chris Brown, which will air in its entirety on Friday's 20/20, and feature the star addressing questions in response to Rihanna's in-depth interview about the February incident.

Honestly, at this point the interviews especially the ones featuring Chris have traveled beyond the margins of pointless, given they are a constant repetitive affair of what he has already said and revealed (which is basically nothing).

With that said, the embattled star also covers the Power issue of YRB, where he talks about his new album, redemption and where his mind is at musically.

On His Upcoming Album:
“Graffiti is the art of me, the art of Chris Brown. That's why I named it Graffiti – because graffiti is art. I know its a form of vandalism, but not looking at it on a negative aspect, its art and my music is my graffiti.”

On His Past Mistakes:
“…at the end of the day its not right to judge somebody when people make mistakes all the time… I regret every second of it… There's always problems in relationships and its how we handle them and the choices we make that shapes them and makes them better.”

On What He’s Listening to Now:
“Right now, not to be disrespectful to anybody, but I'm not fond on the industry that much. I'm more kind of to myself. I love Owl City and, um, Cobra Starship and even Miley Cyrus; that's where my head is at with music now, going more pop and kind of different with those guys.”

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