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Twelve years, nine albums and eight vocal awards into his career, Brad Paisley has achieved superstar status in country music and garnished millions of fans.

Of his ninth album, entitled ‘This Is Country Music’, he says “I felt like if you’re going to call an album, ‘This Is Country Music’, you should involve some people that are responsible for both country in the past as well as currently”.

Summary Analysis

The set kicks off with the title track, “This Is Country Music”, on which, he talks about the ability of the genre to capture life in a song and celebrates that it refuses to ignore topics that may be sensitive to the individual, such as patriotism and Jesus.

On the follow-up and second single “Old Alabama”, he effectively blends the past and present by recruiting the legendary band, while the upbeat “Camouflage” pays tribute to the most obvious and known fashion statement for rednecks.

The album’s ultimate highlight arises with “Remind Me”, a Carrie Underwood-assisted duet, which is already on the path to becoming a major hit.

It depicts a couple trying to recapture the feelings and spontaneity they had during the early stages of their love, and just as they have as co-hosts, Underwood and Paisley complement each other brilliantly and convincingly they form the perfect balance of emotion.

He crafts a country anthem for the summer on “Working on A Tan”, which highlights his skills as a guitarist, while the Don Henley-featured “Love Her Like She’s Leavin” is a well-structure tune about keeping your woman around.

On “New Favorite Memory”, he delivers one of the best love songs of his career, while the pain filled “I Do Now”, paints a stunning and vivid picture of a man feeling the regret of letting some of life’s blessings pass him by.

Other notable moments include the touching “One of Those Lives”, the intriguing “A Man Don’t Have to Die” and the suggestive up-tempo “Be the Lake”, as well as, the western inspired instrumental aptly entitled “Eastwood”.

There are a couple of moments where he comes up short, such as, the Blake Shelton-assisted buddy song “Don’t Drink the Water” and the cheesy “Toothbrush”.

Still, he finds vindication in the album’s closer “Life’s Railway to Heaven”, a Marty Stuart, Sheryl Crow and Carl Jackson-assisted gospel number.

Final Verdict

When you entitle your album, ‘This Is Country Music’, that is a bold and cocky statement that you have to be certain the music embodies and with his ninth album, which is executive produced by Frank Rogers, Brad Paisley does that.

The album does not redefine the genre, instead it tributes and tackles the topics the have long defined country music (love, loss, hope and heartache), and regardless of the topic, Paisley embarks upon each of them with ease and authenticity.

3½ OUT OF 5

Celebrity Bug’s Key Tracks
“Old Alabama”, “Remind Me”, “Love Her Like She’s Leavin”, “New Favorite Memory” and “I Do Now”.

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