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Phillip Phillips Dishes On New Album

Phillip Phillips

On November 19th, Phillip Phillips, the season eleven winner of 'American Idol', will release his debut album 'The World from the Side of the Moon', which features contributions from Gregg Wattenberg, the writers of "Home" and his girlfriend.

Speaking to the 22-year-old Leesburg, Georgia native opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about some of the songs on the album. Read what he had to say beneath:

On His Girlfriend, Hannah Blackwell:
"She helped me with a song called 'Take Me Away,'" says Phillips. "It's not on the core album but a bonus for the Target album." Phillips says the pining track -- which includes the lines "You’re all I wanna see / All I wanna touch and feel in every way" -- came from a poem Blackwell wrote about him.

On "Tell Me A Story", Which Contains His Favorite Lyric:
"I had all the music written," he says. "The first verse and the chorus were written, I just didn't have a second verse. So David Ryan, who plays with John Mayer a lot, came in there, we got to know each other a bit, and I showed him what I had. He started pushing me to write more and after a couple of days, this came to me one night: 'Hope is just a ray of what everyone should see / Alone is the street where you found me / Scared of what's behind you / Scared of what's in front / Live with what you have now / Make the best of what's to come.'"

On the Album Title, 'The World From the Side of the Moon':
"It’s a lyric from the first song on the album, "Man on the Moon." I was going through all the lyrics because I had to make decisions at a quick pace, and it kind of stuck out to me. I asked a few friends and they liked it. People might compare it to Dark Side of the Moon, but as long as I have a different album cover of the sun with my face looking down at the Earth, it'll be okay."

On the Meaning Behind the Title:
"I was starting to think about all I had been through, and someone gave me some DVDs of the whole [Idol] season, so I was kind of watching myself from a whole different world that no one else really knows. It’s interesting to see how it happened and so fast. That's how I picked the title: I felt like I watched myself grow and this whole album is representing where I am."

On Recording the Full Album In Three Weeks:
"Yes. We just finished it. From first cutting acoustic guitars to last week, it was exactly three weeks. Like I said, I was pressured on time, but it kind of helped the sound. We didn't over analyze things or overproduce anything, we kept it raw."

On Working With "Home" Writers Greg Holden & Drew Pearson:
"We all got in a room and I showed them an idea of the guitar part, started singing the verses and we just wrote the lyrics together. It's called "Can't Go Wrong," and I really like that song. It's similar to "Home." We all had a good time getting to know each other. This is all new for all three of us. They understood where I was in my situation, and I understood where they were."

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