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New Music: Hunter Hayes - 'I Want Crazy'

Hunter Hayes : I Want Crazy (Single Cover) photo I_Want_Crazy_HIRES.jpg

Hunter Hayes used his performance at the 2013 Academy of Country Music Awards to debut his brand new single, "I Want Crazy", but he struggled a bit with his delivery and the performance kind of came off as a giant mess.

Fortunately, the official audio recording has surface and now, we can fully analyze the single, which was co-written by the heartthrob with Lori McKenna and Troy Verges and serves as the first single from his upcoming re-release 'Hunter Hayes (Encore)'.

One thing is certain, Hayes was not suffering from writer's block while crafting the upbeat single, in fact, he jam packs it so full of words that as a listener you often have to hit the replay button to fully grasp his vision. With that being said, Hayes doesn't miss a beat and rides the verse with a natural ease, especially for someone his age.

There is a sense of urgency in his voice as he sings about booking flights to see his significant other and when he begins to run down the list of things he wants and doesn't want, you can't help but wonder if the title may be a little more literal than figurative, which makes it all the more brilliant. Seriously, the sky is the limit for Hayes.

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