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Carrie Underwood Dazzles In 'Marie Claire'

Carrie Underwood : Marie Claire (June 2013) photo carrie-front.jpg

Country superstar Carrie Underwood, who was crowned 2012's Most Beautiful Woman, puts her stunning looks to work by gracing the June 2013 issue of Marie Claire, which is her first cover for the publication and will hit stands on May 21st.

In the new issue, the songstress, who star in a live broadcast of 'The Sound of Music' on December 5th for NBC, talks about her personality, suffering from panic attacks early in her career, her spot on high school prediction and more. Read excerpts beneath:

On Her Loner Personality: "I’m not a mushy person at all. We were never a huggy family. Or a ‘let’s talk it out’ family. Technically I have siblings but they are quite a bit older than me – I was the accident – so I have the only-child syndrome going on. I’m a little more selfish, a little more independent, a little closed. I do wish I were softer. I wish I were able to form relationships better. But hey, I mean…I'm not a sociopath."

On Working Through Anxiety Attacks: "At the beginning of my career, I used to have panic attacks. People were touching me, screaming – it made me really nervous. In public, I just get nervous. It’s a physical reaction, feeling like the walls are closing in. The fans are great. It’s not their fault. I don’t ever want to come across as ungrateful. But on my end, it is hard for me to process. Because I am still just me."

On Her Awkward Moments: "My husband calls me the queen of awkward moments. Anything that can be made awkward, I will make it awkward."

What Her High School Yearbook: "You were supposed to say what you would be doing in 10 years, and I said, ‘I will be rich, famous, and married to a hot guy.’ I guess I should have added a few more things."

On Becoming A Mother: "I don’t feel old enough to have kids. I know I am mature. But being responsible for another human?"

Carrie Underwood : Marie Claire (June 2013) photo mcx-carrie-underwood-0613-11-xln.jpgCarrie Underwood : Marie Claire (June 2013) photo mcx-carrie-underwood-0613-12-xln.jpgCarrie Underwood : Marie Claire (June 2013) photo Carrie-Underwood-900-600.jpg

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