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Ashanti Announces Another 'BraveHeart' Delay

Ashanti : BraveHeart (Promo) photo 3c47c28ef92011e2971f22000a1f8c25_7.jpg

The approach for Ashanti's fifth studio album, 'BraveHeart', has been one big giant mess from the beginning and has shown that her team clearly isn't competent enough to launch an album, but today (July 30th), the campaign sunk even further into the ground with an untimely announcement by the Grammy-winning songstress.

"Hey y’all! So Braveheart is NOT coming out today we have clearances & legalities to take of… It costs to be the boss!!! This CEO sh*t is Not A Game! Lol looking like September," the 32-year-old wrote on a new Instagram post featuring a newly-released and absolutely stunning promotional photo for the much-delayed set. The album may be one big joke at this point, but the artwork this era, ranks as the best of her career.

Watch her video and think about all of the decisions she "Never Should Have" made:

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