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Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Washington & More Slay 'The Hollywood Reporter' Cover

For their latest issue, The Hollywood Reporter gathers seven of today's working actresses - Jennifer Lopez, Kerry Washington, Julianna Margulies, Sarah Paulson, Kirsten Dunst, Regina King and Constance Zimmer - for a candid conversation about network fights, nudity and why having a voice leads to the 'diva' label if you're a woman. Read excerpts beneath:

On Network Fights:
Washington: A producing credit "is something I made a choice not to fight for at Scandal because I really like the dynamics of our cast and the way we interact with the writers and producers as is, and I didn't feel like it was something that I needed there. But Confirmation was a different story because I was part of that from the very beginning, before we had a script. I was on as an executive producer, and I said to my co-producers, 'If you want me on as a vanity producer, I'm not interested in doing this project with you. I have real opinions and passionate ideas.'"

On Nudity:
Margulies: "It depends on the character you're playing. I've been playing the same character for seven seasons, and all of a sudden this season the girl is taking her clothes off. I'm seven years older than I was when I started it, and I love it. I mean, it's CBS, so there's only so much you can take off, but there's something great about seeing a woman in her 40s having sex with someone and not being inhibited."

On The 'Diva' Label:
Lopez: "I've always been fascinated by how much more well-behaved we have to be than men." In what way? "I got a moniker of being "the diva," which I never felt I deserved — which I don't deserve — because I've always been a hard worker, on time, doing what I'm supposed to do, and getting that label because you reach a certain amount of success. Or even sometimes I felt crippled to voice my opinion, especially because certain directors and the boys' club that they form can make you feel like, "Oh, I can't say anything." I was always fascinated by how I could see [a man] being late or being belligerent to a crew and it being totally acceptable; meanwhile, I'd show up 15 minutes late and be berated. And you watch this happen over and over and over again. Like, we're not allowed to have certain opinions or even be passionate about something, or they'll be like, 'God, she's really difficult.' It's like, 'Am I? Am I difficult because I care?'"

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