February 2009 - Celebrity Bug


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Lady GaGa Covers 'Style'

2/28/2009 0
Check out pop star Lady Gaga covering the latest issue of Style magazine:

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On The Scene: Chris Brown

2/28/2009 0
Chris Brown was spotted at Sean "Diddy" Combs's house on Miami Beach's Star Island on Thusday. The singer was in town to reunite with girlfriend Rihanna.

Although Rihanna wasn't pictured, her bodyguard and hairstylist were, so its pretty much official that the pair are back together. That said, I am really disappointed in Rihanna, she could have used this experience as a platform to speak to the youth about avoiding domestic violence, but instead she chose to do the exact opposite. I guess you can't help who you love, but when it all boils down, I just can't respect her decision.
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Rihanna & Chris Brown Are Back Together

2/28/2009 0
Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

The pair have reunited almost three weeks after Brown, 19, allegedly battered the "Umbrella" singer on Feb. 8, a source tells PEOPLE.

"They're together again. They care for each other," says the source. The on-again couple are currently spending time together at one of Sean "Diddy" Combs's homes, on Miami Beach's Star Island.

Adds the source: "While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves."

In its latest issue, PEOPLE reports that Brown called Rihanna on her 21st birthday one week ago. "He called to wish her happy birthday," a source told the magazine. "They've reached out to each other. It's been mutual."

Brown was booked by LAPD for making criminal threats but the case has not yet been presented to the District Attorney, who will ultimately determine which charges, if any, will be prosecuted.

I will reserve my thoughts on this until something more concrete comes along, such as pictures, but for her sake I really hope this isn't true.
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Album Cover: 'For The Love Of Ray J' Soundtrack

2/28/2009 0
Check out the official album cover for the upcoming sountrack to the VH1 show, 'For The Love Of Ray J':

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Jennifer Hudson Visit 'Oprah'

2/28/2009 0
Jennifer Hudson stopped by The Oprah Winfrey Show on Friday for a quick interview and performance of her latest single “If This Isn’t Love.” Check it out:

Its really rewarding to see Jennifer in good spirit. As for the performance, it was a pretty solid showing.
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Solange Performs On 'The Bridge'

2/28/2009 0
Solange continued her promotional trail in support of Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams, this time by hitting up AOL's The Bridge. The singer performed a cover of Zero 7's "Destiny", as well as, delivering showings of "T.O.N.Y.", "Cosmic Journey", and "Sandcastle Disco". Check it out:

Great Stuff.
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New Music: Rihanna - 'Whipping My Hair'

2/26/2009 0
A new track from Rihanna surfaced, in the form of, "Whipping My Hair". Check it out:

Listen / Download Here

The title itself is hilarious, given that's all Rihanna ever does in a performance, that said, the track isn't particularly bad, although Rihanna does tend to sound less than grand at times.
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'The Circus Starring Britney Spears' Costume Sketches

Britney Spears Preps 'Circus' Tour

2/26/2009 0
Britney Spears is the new ringmaster in town, and her "Circus" tour is going to be more than light tricks and puffs of smoke!

The pop princess is going to be sawed in half and disappear into thin air -- and those are just two of the tricks Spears has up her sleeve for her upcoming tour, "The Circus Starring Britney Spears."

"Right away, she got into the boxes and into the magic contraptions to learn the stuff, and she's so excited about this tour and all the elements that are in it," illusionist-comedian Ed Alonzo dished to E! news. Alonzo has revealed that he will be performing onstage with Brit during her concerts, where the "Womanizer" singer will serve as the magician's assistant.

Ed continued, "We'll be doing a little dissection, transposition, a vanish, an appearance -- and if I do a trick, she doesn't just hold the props, she's actually getting inside the big boxes or I am slicing her up."

Alonzo also dished that Spears has a knack for magic! "I made [the tricks] really easy for her, but there are some complicated things that she is doing that you would think a contortionist would have to do, or a trained magician's assistant," he said, "but because she's a dancer, it really makes sense to put her in the magic, and it works and she's really, really good at it."

Britney will also perform some of her hits that helped her skyrocket to the top of the charts. Ed confessed that the show would feature "the best music of Britney that people have loved over the years and, of course, brand-new favorites from the new album."

"The Circus Starring Britney Spears" kicks off March 3 in New Orleans.
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Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady Say "I Do!"

2/26/2009 0
Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady wed today in a Catholic ceremony in L.A., California, Usmagazine.com confirms.

The bride, 28, donned a form-fitting ivory lace strapless gown with a trumpet skirt, scalloped edges, long train and a floor-length veil with attached handmade satin roses and attached satin headband, all by Dolce & Gabbana. Her three dogs also wore matching Dolce & Gabbana floral lace collars.

Dolce and Gabbana most recently dressed Fergie for her nuptials.

The ceremony, which began at dusk, was "very small and intimate," a source tells Us, adding that guests mostly consisted of immediate family. Brady's son with ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, John Edward Thomas Moynahan, was also present.

(Fitting, as Bundchen once described her ideal wedding as "a simple ceremony...I don't like parties, I prefer something more intimate, just for the closest people.")

The Brazilian-born supermodel has been dating the New England Patriots quarterback, 31, since 2006.
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Movie Review: 'Madea Goes To Jail'

2/26/2009 0
At long last, Madea returns to the big screen in Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail. This time America's favorite irreverent, pistol-packin' grandmomma is raising hell behind bars and lobbying for her freedom...Hallelujer!

After a high-speed freeway chase puts Madea in front of the judge, her reprieve is short-lived as anger management issues get the best of her and land her in jail. A gleeful Joe couldn't be happier at Madea's misfortune. But Madea's eccentric family members the Browns rally behind her, lending their special "country" brand of support.

Meanwhile, Assistant District Attorney Joshua Hardaway is on the fast track to career success. But Hardaway lands a case too personal to handle - defending young prostitute and former drug addict Candace Washington and asks his fiancée and fellow ADA Linda Holmes to fill in on his behalf. When Candace ends up in jail, Madea befriends the young woman, protecting her in a "motherly" way as only Madea can.

After a hard child life in the ghetto, Assistant District Attorney Joshua Hardaway (Derek Luke) finally seems to have everything in place. He's successful at his job and engaged to his beautiful co-worker Linda (Ion Overman). Even he couldn't have assumed that his lifelong friend Candy's appearance would not only make him reevaluate his relationship, but his life all together.

Struggling from a life of addiction and prostitution Candy (Keshia Knight Pulliam) reemerges in court and out of a sense of guilt and obligation for what happened in college, Josh stands by her to lend a helping hand. A task that doesn't sit well with his fiancee Linda and prompts her to get dirty in the handling of Candy's case, which you know will come back to haunt before the movie comes to an end.

In the mean time, Madea, as always, has once again found herself on the wrong side of the law, after the destruction of a lady's car in a K-Mart parking lot, puts her back in front of the judge, after catching a break at the beginning of the movie. Unfortunately, this time she's out of chances and forced to take a vacation behind bars.

The problem with the storyline is Perry wants the story to be intense, comedic, and heartfelt, at the same time, which is something his writing skills just aren't capable of doing. At least not, at this point in his career. The story also doesn't put enough emphasis on the star, Madea, instead writing her off as nothing more than a supporting role, to make room for Josh and Candy, which leaves you feeling shortchanged.

That said, failure surfaces the most in Perry's ability to keep you guessing, because from Candy's past incident to how the ending would unfold is never truly a mystery. Its predictable and you know the answers to everything before he ever gives them to you. As always, the fairy tale ending never ceases to be left out in a Tyler Perry film, which not only insult the audience's intelligence, but his writing skills as well.

The acting is just what you've come to expect from a Perry production, which can range from good to terribly bad. Derek Luke and Viola Davis, have both given better performance, but in their defense, they've also had better material to work with. Tyler Perry, as Madea, Joe, and Bryan is just what you want him to be, while Keshia Knight Pulliam seems to have lost all natural acting ability since her Cosby days, and David Mann and Tamela Mann, continue to be their usual annoying selves. Luckily, Brown and Cora's screen time is limited.

Direction & Visual:
Aside from writing and staring in the production, Tyler Perry was also the main man behind the camera and he does a solid job. Sadly, he doesn't keep up the progression from The Family That Preys until now.

The film has its ups and down and the good, bad, and ugly parts are all included. On a positive note, Perry does continue his trend of lining his movies with a life lessons, this one being forgiveness.

That said, when it comes to his movies, it's not a question of which of Perry's seven films is best, as Why Did I Get Married?, The Family That Preys, and Daddy's Little Girls, remain atop that list and trust me its not a conscience that Madea's relevance doesn't take place in either.

2 out of 5
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Danity Kane's Dawn Graces 'King'

2/26/2009 0
After publicly scrutinizing Ms. O'Day removal of clothes for the cameras, it seems like Danity Kane star Dawn now wants the spotlight on her. Check out her spread for the latest issue of King magazine:

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New Music: Day 26 - 'Put It On Her'

2/26/2009 0
The guys of Day 26 will release their sophomore album, Forever In A Day, on April 14th. The set will be preceded by their first single, "Put It On Her", which can be heard below:

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Flo Rida Pulls The Plug On Chris Brown Collaboration

2/26/2009 0
Flo Rida has decided to remove a collaboration track with Chris Brown from his upcoming album, R.O.O.T.S, due to the singer's publicized issues with Rihanna.

The two had had high hopes for the track called, "Sweat", which was supposed to be the second single off the record.

"I recorded a great song with Chris," Flo Rida said in an interview. "But I won't be releasing it now because of what's going on with him and Rihanna. It could have been my next number one."
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Beyonce Covers 'Ebony'

2/26/2009 0
Check out Grammy winner Beyonce gracing the cover of Ebony's April 2009 issue:

On Turning Down Projects:
“I turn down million dollar offers all the time because it’s something that does not feel true for what I’m trying to say. I have to be passionate about it. Love inspires and growth inspires me…If it is not going to be iconic, something I can love 10 years from now, I’ve learned I should not waste my time with it”.

On Her and Jay Staying Out Each Other's Business Affairs:
“He was very successful before I met him and I was very successful before I met him. So we have so much respect for each other, and respect for each other artistically. We are very close friends, and I believe he is the ultimate artist and he has the same feelings for me”.

On How She Would Describe Herself As A Wife:
“I don’t know how to talk about it because I don’t like to talk about it. But I have a great example of a great wife, and that’s my mother. And I have great friends around me that have been married, so I’m lucky to have really good examples. And a great husband”.

What She Does That Gets On Jay's Nerves?
“I’m a little messy. Oh, yeah. Whenever I’m out in public, I have to be put together. When I get home, I rebel against it and I don’t want to take care of anything. I drop it. I’m relaxed. I don’t have any shoes on. No makeup. My purse is in the kitchen. I think that is most difficult thing for him. He’s very, very organized. I’m extremely organized when I’m working, and I work so much that when I get home I don’t want to think about anything”.

What He Does That Gets On Her Nerves?
“I won’t say”.

On Retiring:
“I’ve worked so hard on my craft, and I will never stop. I will never retire. I love it way too much.”

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On The Scene: Rihanna's Get-Away Vacation

2/26/2009 0
Grammy winner Rihanna was spotted soaking up sun on a private beachside villa in Punta Mita, Mexico. The pictures were taken the day after her 21st birthday and were featured on the front page of today’s NY Daily News.

It is also being reported that the lack of evidence may push back Chris' upcoming court date, but if enough evidence is gathered that they will precede with or without Rihanna's assistance.
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Jamie Foxx Featuring T-Pain - 'Blame It' Video

2/26/2009 0
Jamie Foxx relies on star power in the video for his second single, "Blame It", featuring T-Pain. The Hype Williams-directed video features appearances from Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, Ron Howard, Samuel L. Jackson, Quincy Jones, LeToya Luckett, Tatyana Ali, among others. Check it out:

Definitely a winner.
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Album Review: Lady GaGa - 'The Fame'

2/25/2009 0
In a period where most artists seem to be indistinguishable, its safe to say that the rare gems are far and few in between.

Luckily, that's exactly what Akon stumbled upon when he signed Lady Gaga, an Italian multi-talented singer-songwriter from New York.

On her debut disc, The Fame, she effortlessly entraps you with her contagious and funky dance floor anthems, that realm of old school retro grooves, but adamantly fit in with today's music scene.

The album's lead single, "Just Dance", which climbed to No.1 in 22 weeks, making it the longest trip to the top since Creed's "With Arms Wide Open" (27 weeks) in November 2000. That feature, definitely doesn't come as a surprise, given after finally hearing the overly addictive smash months after its release, it made you feel like you had shortchanged yourself by missing out on a great danceable offering.

"LoveGame", which boasts lyrics like “Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick,” display her unique approach not only in her artistry, but also in her writing.

"Beautiful Dirty Rich", "Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)", the enslaving, "Poker Face", and "The Fame", fluently proves that she has a knack for creating additively infectious music that traps us under her spell, just like Britney Spears with the exception of the overly fragile vocals.

The tantalising, "Again Again", turns the attention to her vocals and reaffirms that although she isn't a powerhouse vocalist of Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey stature, she does have a unique versatile sound that easily transforms from slightly soulful tendencies to commercial appeal with in a instance.

The piano laced, "Brown Eyes", continues this trend, but not without the resemblance of Vanessa Carlton. Fortunately, that doesn't stop the track from being a highlight, given she still does enough to differentiate the track as a original.

On the obsessive, "Paparazzi", she chimes "I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me, Papa-Paparazzi, Baby there's no other superstar, You know that I'll be, your Papa-Paparazzi ", and creates another standout that would have easily fit in with Gwen Stefani's 2005 effort, Love Angle Music Baby. That said, it still doesn't take away the genius of the track.

The album isn't full of slam dunks due to the mindless, "Money Honey", "Boys Boys Boys", and "Summerboy", which are more like free throws. That said, none of the tracks are particularly bad and Lady Gaga does take you on an enchanting ride with each and every single offering.

Put simply, the album is a refreshing spin on current market place and Lady Gaga realms of an original essence that doesn't allow you to easily categorize her, which further proves just authentically viable she is in this samely industry.

4 out of 5
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Chris Brown Signs Up For Anger Management Course

2/25/2009 0
Chris Brown is taking an anger management class, the New York Daily News reported.

According to the newspaper, the singer began on Monday in Glendale, California, thanks to the suggestion of his recently hired publicist, Michael Sitrick.

"Chris doesn't actually have to go by law," a source told the Daily News. "But he believes it will make him look better to the public, and he wants to try to get in a few classes before March 5."

Brown and Rihanna, with whom he was allegedly involved in a violent incident on February 8, are expected in court on March 5.

The "Forever" singer's endorsement deal with Wrigley's Doublemint gum has been suspended in the wake of the alleged assault.

Investigators are reportedly in the process of putting together a felony case against Brown.
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Tyler Perry Ponders Madea's Demise

2/25/2009 0
Tyler Perry wants Madea dead.

That may come as a surprise, given the big-hearted but foul-tempered, pistol-packin' granny has emerged as director-writer-producer-actor Perry's signature character and, now, his cash cow.

" Tyler Perry 's Madea Goes to Jail" topped the U.S. box office last weekend with $41 million in its first three days of release. The dramedy marks Perry's all-time opening weekend, and is poised to sprint past the overall take of his top-grossing film, " Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion" (2006).

Still, Perry confesses: "I would love to see Madea die a slow death in the next film."

The reason? It takes a lot of effort to turn the 6-foot-5-inch Perry into big momma Madea.

He knows she's "a whole lot of fun to watch. But to do it is a nightmare," Perry says.

It's all one suit that I'm zipped into, so it's all heavy. The hips are heavy. And the more I sweat, the heavier it gets. I see why women have back problems who have large breasts. Holding those things upright can be tough."

Come summer, the 39-year-old Perry whose Atlanta-based media empire includes films, books, videos, theatrical productions and TV shows will be back on the big screen making a cameo appearance in director J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek."

Next is Perry's own period drama "A Jazz Man's Blues."

Then, more Madea, with "Madea's Class Reunion."

Perry said that it's clear that fans want more of her. "As long as they want to see her, she'll stay around. But, I'm telling you, if they ever stop coming, she's going to die a quick death. 'Madea's Funeral.' That's what you look forward to."

Perry had previously stated that this would be Madea's last film, but I see that 41 million dollar opening quickly changed his tune, not that I blame him. As for the movie, I got a chance to see it and was less than impress, which will be documented in an upcoming review of the movie.
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Samuel Jackson Joins 'Iron Man' Cast

2/25/2009 0
Samuel L. Jackson has buried the hatchet with Marvel Entertainment, making a deal to play the role of Nick Fury in "Iron Man 2," and potentially many other films.

Jackson's deal is a long-term commitment to play Fury, the leader of the espionage unit the Shield. His deal contains an option to play the character in nine future Marvel superhero films, efforts that are expected to include "Captain America," "Thor," "The Avengers" and "The Shield" as well as potential sequels.

Jackson introduced Fury in the closing moments of "Iron Man," when the character asked Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark to join his group. Fury is a natural to show up in multiple Marvel franchises, as he crosses paths with many Marvel superheroes in the comicbooks.

Jackson's Marvel future looked murky, after he reportedly expressed his displeasure with the producer-financier's initial offer to reprise his role. Jackson was hardly alone: Even though "Iron Man" grossed more than $600 million worldwide, Marvel brass has been sparing in offers to talent like Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell to play villains in the sequel, sources said.

Jackson and his ICM reps have evidently cleared those dealmaking hurdles, and he will take part in the sequel that director Jon Favreau shoots in the spring, with Paramount Pictures distributing in summer 2010.
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LL Cool J To Star In 'NCIS' Spin-Off

2/25/2009 0
LL Cool J is getting on the gumshoe beat.

According to Variety, the rapper-actor has been set to star in CBS' planned spinoff of "NCIS." He'll play a tough but charming former Navy SEAL who works undercover for the NCIS unit in L.A. and is an expert on the Middle East.

The spinoff of CBS' durable drama will air as one half of a two-part episode of "NCIS" later this season. "NCIS" showrunner Shane Brennan created the untitled spinoff and exec produces for CBS Paramount Network TV.

LL Cool J has logged a host of film and TV roles in recent years, including recent guest spots on NBC's "30 Rock" and Fox's "House." LL Cool J is repped by Endeavor.
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On The Scene: Ashanti, The Jonas Brothers, Jordin Sparks, and Pink

2/25/2009 0
Ashanti, poses with her sister Shia Douglas and mother Tina Douglas, as she hosted the Body Care Cause Party at Robert Verdi’s Luxe Laboratory on Tuesday in New York City.

Its nice to see Ashanti back looking great after delivering a couple of duds with her last appearances (due to a hideous wig) and it seems like her sister has also opted to wear something a little more body conscious. As previously reported, the singer is currently prepping her fifth studio album for release later this year.

Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas attended the Hollywood premiere of Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, this past Tuesday. The event bought out Jordin Sparks, special guest feature Demi Lovato, and a skew of other Disney stars.

Pink took the stage at the Palais De Nikaia in Nice, France for a secret show yesterday, before the official launch of her tour in Antwerp, Belgium on Thursday.

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New Music: Teairra Mari Featuring Flo Rida - 'Cause A Scene'

2/25/2009 0
A brand new Teairra Mari track, believed to be her second single, surfaced today in the form of "Cause A Scene". The club track also sees the R&B beauty seeking assistance from Billboard's current Hot 100 king Flo Rida. Check it out:

Download Here

First off, the idea is seriously rehashed and the fact that Teairra fails to shine any new light on the concept, makes the track uninteresting (for me). That said, I can see the public (especially the females) embracing it on a semi-scale, but not to the point where it becomes that massive breakout hit she's in search of.
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New Music: Omarion Featuring Lil' Wayne - 'Comfort'

2/25/2009 0
Omarion continues to prep his return to the music scene with Timbaland and now Lil' Wayne on the album’s first offering called “Comfort.” Check it out:

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Akon Featuring Colby O'Donis & Kardinal Offishall - 'Beautiful' Video

2/24/2009 0

Check out the video for Akon's latest single, "Beautiful", featuring Colby O'Donis and Kardinal Offishall below:

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Chris Brown's Film Career In Jeopardy

2/24/2009 1
All the blogs and news sources have been covering the fact that Chris is losing endorsement deals left and right, but now his check book is about to hurt even more as his once rising film career is now in serious trouble as well.

Rumor has it that Sony Screen Gems, the studio that is releasing Chris’ next movie Bone Deep, is going to basically “erase” Chris from their marketing campaign.

The crime/action thriller which comes out Jan 8, 2010 was originally going to heavily market stars T.I. and Chris Brown to the urban demo but now T.I. will ironically be the main attraction (even though he’s going to jail) along with broader reaching actors Paul Walker and Hayden Christensen.

Unofficial word has it that Chris will be “erased” from marketing material such as the movie poster, trailer and TV ads to avoid any controversy. The movie has already finished filming in Los Angeles so Chris will still be in the movie but just don’t expect to see much of him in the advertising.
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Flo Rida - ‘Right Round’ Video

2/24/2009 0
The official version of Flo Rida’s video for his record breaking No.1 single “Right Round,” the first single off his upcoming album R.O.O.T.S.. Check it out:

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'Britney: For The Record' DVD Announcement

2/24/2009 0
Britney: For the Record will be released in the US on April 7th! The DVD includes some never before seen footage as well as six bonus MP3 remixes of "Circus" and "Womanizer". Check out the official DVD cover below:

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Bow Wow & Ne-Yo Express Their Thoughts On Chris Brown & Rihanna

2/24/2009 0
Bow Wow and Ne-Yo, who are very close to Chris Brown and/or Rihanna, have openly expressed their thoughts on teh alledged altercation that happened between the two.

Bow Wow: “I mean, being in the business, the first thing is ‘ah, it’s false, another rumor, bloggers just wanting to have traffic to their site. But when the story was unfolding, it was kind of shocking to all. Chris is a good friend of mine. We’ve had the opportunity to tour together. And then Rihanna, she’s just a beautiful person. Period. Never done no wrong to nobody. I’ve been in a high profile relationship before and I know how it feels when everybody’s in your business. It just puts more pressure. And the only way they’re going to get over the situation is just to let them deal with it. And that’s what I really want to do. I’m praying for them both.”

After Seeing the Photo:
“Just shocking. I mean we heard what happened but we really didn’t get a visual for it. But I mean hey, man. The picture speaks for itself.”

Ne-Yo: “I wanted to talk to them before I made a comment. I spoke to Rihanna. She says she’s fine. She didn’t go into detail about what happened. I understand it’s a painful situation; I didn’t push. I saw the picture. That just really — that hurt me to my heart, man. Again, I still don’t know what happened, ’cause I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to Chris yet. But to take it to that level really hurt my heart. All I can say is, I’m praying for both of them. They’re both in my prayers. I haven’t had a chance to talk to Chris yet. I just wanna sit down and talk to that dude and just explain if he doesn’t understand: ‘That’s not something that’s excusable, bruh. You have to get a little smarter about whatever it is going on in your relationship. You have to get a little smarter about how you handle certain situations.’”
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'The Hills' New Episodes Trailer

2/24/2009 0
Feeling drama-free? Leave it to MTV to release the exclusive trailer for The Hills “bonus episodes” (the network insists this isn’t season 5; these are season 4 extras), and spice up their regular programming.

Who wouldn’t tune in to see Heidi Montag crash ex-BFF Lauren Conrad’s surprise birthday party? Better yet: What is going on with the frenemies crying on each other’s shoulders, and — gasp — hugging!

As for Spencer Pratt flirting with a bartender and wailing on some poor dude, well, that we’d expect. MTV hasn’t set a date for the March premiere, but says the show will return to its 10 p.m. time slot on Mondays.

They say the show is stage, and it probably is, but I could still care less. Entertainment is just that, and The Hills never fails to deliver.
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Ciara Stops By '106 & Park'

2/24/2009 0

Ciara stopped by BET's 106 & Park yesterday to talk about her upcoming album Fantasy Ride, her collaboration with Chris Brown, and more. Check out part 1 above and part 2 below:

Ciara always come across nice and sincere in interviews and this one was no different. As for Chris Brown, if his own label is pulling him off tracks, then his career really is over.

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Bow Wow Featuring Johnta Austin - 'You Can Get It All' Video

2/24/2009 1
The video for Bow Wow's latest single 'You Can Get It All' featuring Johnta Austin, premiered in full yesterday. Check out the Hype Williams directed video below:

The song actually isn't that bad, but it fails to break the trend from becoming your traditional Bow Wow track. As for the video, its pretty much run of the mill also, but it does accurately suit the song.

Bow Wow's sixth album, New Jack City II, is slated to arrive in stores on March 31st.
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2009 Vanity Fair Oscar After-Party

2/23/2009 0
Grammy winner Alicia Keys, High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens, and Academy Award winner Halle Berry, strike a pose at The 2009 Vanity Fair Oscar After-Party. The star studded event also boasted appearances from Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, and Will Smith, among others.

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