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It should come as no surprise to fans that Britney Spears decided to entitle her seventh studio album, ‘Femme Fatale’. After all, since her successful entrance in 1999, Spears has almost single-handedly defined female pop music.

On her seventh outing, she reteams with producers Max Martin and Dr. Luke, in hopes of extending her reign and building onto her strong foundation of infectious tunes, dynamic performances and unrivaled sex appeal.

Track-by-Track Analysis

“Till the World Ends”: Kicking the set off, the album’s second single, does not initially hit you as a Britney tune, given it was written by and caters to the sound that Ke$ha employs. Still, its dance floor ready tendencies cannot be denied.

“Hold It Against Me”: The Max Martin and Dr. Luke-crafted first single, which hit No.1, packs a punch courtesy of its production, a killer breakdown and her beaming confidence, which has yet to appear in her performances.

“Inside Out”: Arising as a definite highlight, the single sees the star engaging in sexual acts with her ex before they depart for the final time. Backed by the use of some minor dub-step and built up sexual tension, the record soars.

It’s flirty, it’s sexy and above all it’s the side of Britney, we love the most.

“I Wanna Go”: Slated to serve as her third single, this infectious cut sees Spears opting to do the things that others are only willing to think, a strategy that she has utilized often through her career decisions, which is arguable why she has remained at the top after a decade in the music business.

“How I Roll”: Bloodshy & Avant, who crafted her mega-hit “Toxic”, once again deliver her the goods with this edgy and fresh cut, which borderlines on techno. Added with the infectious chorus and her playful delivery, it’s a winner.

“(Drop Dead) Beautiful”:
“Whoever said that beauty on the inside is a lie”, she beams on the subliminally-charged record about the beauty of a man’s outer instrument. Sabi adds little to the record, but it is quite hypnotizing and only Brit could pull it off.

“Seal It With A Kiss”:
This record is cute and relies even more on the use of dub step than any of the other records on the album, in fact, it is use throughout this particular record. Luckily, it doesn’t become so much that you lose focus of the actual record.

“Big Fat Bass”: Each time Spears chimes “It’s Getting Bigger”, your ears ring a little bit louder and unfortunately, in this case that is not a good thing.

The title may be “Big Fat Bass”, but the verdict is simply a big fat disaster as the track, goes beyond the tolerable use of auto-tune.

“Trouble For Me”:
On this infectious record, she sings about a guy who is the life of the party, but only causes problems for her personally. The production on the record is really top-notched especially the ear-catching use of synths around the chorus.

“Trip to Your Heart”:
Living up to its billing, the record takes you on a journey with Spears using lyrical wordplay and her usual breathy vocals to guide you as she explores different parts of her lover’s body, while simultaneously assuring her love.

“Gasoline”: Comparing her sexual energy to gasoline, she coos seductively in parts about needing the highest grade of sexual intensity to properly ignite the fire that burns within her being, and yes, it is just as hot as it sounds.

Bringing the album to close, she sings about falling in love with a bad guy, despite being repeatedly warned that he was no good. It’s a solid cut and marks one of the few times that her voice isn’t overshadowed by the production.

Final Verdict

Britney Spears will probably always be one of those select few artists that marches to the beat of her own drum, and although it does not eclipse the perfection of ‘Blackout’ in 2008, her seventh outing reaffirms that.

‘Femme Fatale’ is a refreshing take on the current music landscape, but unlike her peers, Spears refuses to play it safe and toys with different styles and production techniques to make up for what she lacks the most… A Voice.

Still, although most of the records feature Spears on the hot pursuit of a gentleman, she impressively makes every encounter feel like a unique and untraveled experience, which shows she’s a master at her craft.

4 OUT OF 5

Celebrity Bug’s Key Tracks
“Till the World Ends”, “Hold It Against Me”, “Inside Out”, “I Wanna Go” and “Gasoline”.

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