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2008 J&R MusicFest with Ashanti (Part 2)

I reported earlier in the week about Ashanti headlining the third day of the 2008 J&R MusicFest in NYC’s City Hall Park on Saturday. Check out some of the performances below:

'Body On Me'

'Good Good'

'The Way That I Love You'

Okay I have a few bones to pick, I've held this in for a long time, but it just has to be said. Ashanti just needs to get it together, she needs to do a complete overhaul starting with the team around her. I've never really understood why people gave her such a hard time, because there have always been singers out their with far less talent than the Glen Cove native and I still stand by that, but Ashanti just comes off very amateurish in the majority of her performances. From the dj (IMO all R&B artists need a band), to the horrendous choreography, and stage presence,or lack there of, nothing about these performances show an artist who's been in the game since 2002. 'The Declaration' was a great album, one of the best R&B albums this year, but her label and manager did an absolute embarrassing job of promoting it, honestly with no tour, no major performances, and very little buzz, the album was basically dead on arrival. Then people wonder why she has a hard time keeping up with Beyonce and even Rihanna, who's singing talent is just a nasally mess, and like I said previously neither Beyonce or Rihanna release music that's any better than hers. Ashanti just needs to fire everyone of her team and start fresh with people that are willing to take risks and take her to the next level, because she's been stuck in cruise control since 2003 and she's losing speed everyday. Back to the performances, they were all horrible, in fact, the most enjoying thing about them was the cutesy Nelly shout out during 'Body on Me'. I'm not a hater, I really want Ashanti to succeed, but I'm just not going to sugarcoat it anymore.

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