New Music: Brandy - Celebrity Bug


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New Music: Brandy

R&B star Brandy is finally set to release her fifth album on November 11th and like many artists she's experiencing a high number of leaks. 'First N' Love', 'Porcelain Doll', and 'Throw it All Away' all surfaced this week. Listen to the tracks below:

'First N' Love'
The Underdogs produced cut, sees Brandy talking about meeting a guy on First Street and Love Avenue, and interesting concept to say the least, but the song is far less impressing. It is the best out of the three, but honestly I don't see myself listening to any of the tracks on a regular basis. Listen Here

'Porcelain Doll'
The song is not engaging at all, its just a complete blah and I found my mind creeping to other places. Listen Here

'Throw it All Away'
Has a old school feel to it and the beat entices you immediately. The song is pretty solid too and the back down even has a MJ feel to it. Listen Here

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