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CB's Fall TV Preview: 'I Want to Work For Diddy'

Celebrity Bug's Fall TV Preview, is kicking off in full swing today allowing us the opportunity to highlight some of the shows we will be keeping a close eye on this upcoming season. In the Fall TV Preview, will will document the plots, as well as, give you some exclusive spoilers on what you can expect in the future. First, Diddy is at it again with his new show 'I Want to Work For Diddy', check out the scoop below:

Plot: Diddy. He only needs one name, but he needs a virtual army of help to keep his legendary empire of music, acting, fashion, sports, fragrance and television running. The ultimate secret weapon in that army? Diddy's personal assistant and when it comes to an assistant, Diddy is looking for the cream of the crop!

On Tonight's Premiere Episode: Thirteen hopefuls arrive in New York City from across the country, eager to enter the world of Bad Boy Entertainment. Their first assignment is to present themselves to Diddy's staff in an interview to prove why should be Diddy's assistant. They are divided into 2 teams, Uptown and Downtown, and are assigned their first mission. Mr. Combs has a list of items he needs done. Each team must accomplish as many tasks on this impossible to-do list as they can over the next 24 hours -- in a race through the streets of New York to prove their multitasking skills. Sleep is forbidden at Bad Boy so it's trial by fire -- and the exhausted losing team faces the judges to see who's going home.

Check out a Preview below:

“I Want to Work for Diddy” premieres tonight at 9/8pm Central on VH1.

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