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CB's Fall TV Preview: 'New York Goes to Hollywood'

Celebrity Bug's Fall TV Preview, continues allowing us the opportunity to highlight some of the shows we will be keeping a close eye on this upcoming season. In the Fall TV Preview, will will document the plots, as well as, give you some exclusive spoilers on what you can expect in the future. This time, New York is back and she's ready to conquer Hollywood.

Plot: New York is finally ready to tackle her lifelong dream: superstardom. Don't get it wrong - New York is already a star but she wants to be on the A-list -- as a legit actress. In order to focus on her new mission, New York has to put her last conquest, Tailor Made, on the backburner as she tries to take on Tinsel Town. She's moving out west to see if she can climb the Hollywood ladder. Question is, will she reach for the stars or fall flat on her face?

Check out a Preview below:

'New York Goes to Hollywood' premieres tonight at 10/9pm Central on VH1.

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