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Album Review: David Archuleta

In a competition, that doesn't particularly show favoritism to a person under the age of 18, David Archuleta clawed his way into the top two, even impressing judge Simon Cowell, who once went on record to say the above mentioned.

With American Idol now in his past, David Archuleta must now compete in a industry that's even less forgiving at giving second chances. Especially considering, most contestants that didn't win the show fail to get a major record deal, and even those that do, fail to keep it, in fact, other than Jennifer Hudson and Clay Aiken, none of the non-winners have become household names.

So will he join the elite group of the few that succeed or is it just another Idol album that lacks creativity and any real artistry?

The lead single, 'Crush', was definitely an appropriate start to introduce him, as the song was very age suited and completed the job of showcasing that he could make contemporary record that fans would embrace, shown by the song skyrocketing to No.1 on Itunes. 'A Little Too Not Over You', is a nice track that is nicely illustrated by his voice, as he sings over love lost.

The piano heavy, 'To Be With You', and the Robbie Williams cover of, 'Angels', are both two complete joys that highlight his vocals in a great way. Furthermore, although a remake, 'Angels' is overly that most compelling song the project has to offer.

The problem with the set is that's its merely a collection of cheesy, well-sung, snooze worthy jams that don't really suit his voice. There's no deny he can sing, but releasing collections like this will just result in his name being attached to the long list of Idol contestants that secured and lost record deals.

2 out of 5

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