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CB's Woman Of The Year (2008)


With our woman choice, we went back and forth between Alicia and Rihanna, and though Rihanna secured endorsement deals with Covergirl and Gucci, as well as earning three #1 hits this year, the singer only managed to move 2 million copies of her album since its release in June 2006, while Alicia has moved nearly 4 million units since her release in November 2007. Alicia started 2008 off by winning 2 Grammys, headlining a world wide tour, securing a lucrative endorsement with Vitamin Water, and a role opposite Queen Latifah and Jennifer Hudson in 'The Secret Life of Bees'. There's no denying this was Rihanna's breakout year, but although her attack wasn't as realized, Alicia still made the biggest impact.

Honorable Mention: Rihanna


  1. Umm, Rihanna may have moved like 2 million in the states, but World Wide she is at 6.5 million. I love love Alicia Keys, but please give RIhanna the credit she so deserves. That's what being a great blogger is about, which is why reason I visit your site.

  2. I have to disagree. I am far from a major Rihanna but this is title she truly deserves. Women of the year should be based on more than sales. Every time you turned around this year all you heard was Rihanna this Rihanna that. Alicia did have a good year but it failed in comparison to Rihanna's IMO


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