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Celebrity Bug Update

We've been seriously behind lately and you can see the post are also coming at a slower pace, but that should change within the next week as you will see posting become more of a constant.

Other things on the horizon:

Album Reviews: Ashanti & Beyonce latest projects (the beginning of next week) and hopefully (if time allows) Taylor Swift & David Archuleta.

Man & Woman of 2008: will be unveiled on the 20 & 21, and it was a really hard race for the female category given a lot of females showed dominance this and eventually we just had to put it to vote, where as, it was hard to just think of a guy that rose above the crop, but we finally found and agreed on him & her.

The New Header, will premiere on December 1st to coincide with the announcement we will make on that day.

Artist of the Month will still be revealed on the 1st as usual.

Other events happening in 2008, is the Best of Year posts throughout December and thats basically it.

Hopefully, 2009 will bring bigger and better things to the site, we want to move it to a independent server, so we have more control and given our site statistics have skyrocketed, but the lack of comments kind of hold us back from that. I guess time will tell, thats it for now.

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