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Eva Longoria Parker Covers 'Allure'

In the November 2008 issue of 'Allure', Eva sets the record straight about her recent weight gain, as well as the rumors surrounding her marriage to NBA star Tony Parker. Check it out:

On her fuller figure:
"I stopped working out and gained about seven pounds over the summer, which is a lot for a small person. Every magazine is tearing me apart ... I never went up a size. I just got rounder. I'm still a size 0."

On relationship rumors:
"I don't let those magazines and articles define who I am. I know I'm not pregnant. I know Tony and I aren't breaking up. I know we're not cheating."

On growing up thinking she wasn't beautiful:
"My nickname was Prieta Fea, which means 'Ugly Dark one' in Spanish. I didn't have a boyfriend. My sisters were so mean to me. They used to say I was adopted, and 'we picked you up at the hospital. You were the extra baby that day."Add Image

This past week's episode of 'Desperate Housewives' was the best so far this season, but also bought a end to the mystery as far as Dave is concerned. With TV in mind, the television stamp of approval section is coming soon.

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