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2009 Grammy Awards Breakdown: Best R&B Song

Bust Your Windows - Jazmine Sullivan
Spotlight - Jennifer Hudson
Miss Independent - Ne-Yo
Heaven Sent - Keyshia Cole
Customer - Raheem DeVaughn

Who Should Win?
Keyshia Cole.

Who Will Win?
Ne-Yo or Jennifer Hudson, like I said before, the Grammy committee has taken a strong liking to Ne-Yo, so he will probably grab the trophy, but Jennifer's tragedy will probably reel her in some sympathy votes.

Who Should Have Been Nominated?
I feel like I'm rehashing thoughts, but Alicia Keys and Ashanti released two of the best R&B songs of the year, with 'Like I'll Never See You Again" and "The Way That I Love You", respectively. That said, I pretty much predicted Ashanti would be shut out the Grammy race, given she didn't have a great year, but it really surprises me that Alicia got so few nominations. Yeah, she can be a tad boring at times, but musically she's a force to be reckon with and her 'As I Am' LP was simply the most musically and sonically cohesive set to see release within the past Grammy deadline.

Who Shouldn't Have Been Nominated?
Honestly, Keyshia Cole has the only song up there worthy of a nomination, and maybe Jasmine Sullivan, given her single did break the mold (kind of), but the rest just aren't worthy IMO.

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