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2009 Grammy Awards Breakdown: Best Contemporary R&B Album

Growing Pains - Mary J. Blige
Back Of My Lac' - J. Holiday
First Love - Karina
Year Of The Gentleman - Ne-Yo
Fearless - Jazmine Sullivan

Who Should Win?
I was really impressed with Jazmine's debut effort, for me, she kind of represents a throwback to old school, in addition, I think Mary's 'Growing Pains', was also a really nice set that got seriously derailed from major success because of bad promotion.

Who Will Win?
Ne-Yo, got a nod for 'Album of the Year', so he's pretty much a shoe in to win this one, despite releasing a less than stellar album. In addition, just for the record, because a lot of these categories have me disfavoring Ne-Yo, I want to state I have absolutely nothing against him, I'm actually a fan, but there was very little quality material on this effort, which is ashame considering he is one of this generation's premier songwriters.

Who Should Have Been Nominated?
Despite both doing very little to attack the charts, Ashanti and Solange, both released stellar efforts.

Who Shouldn't Have Been Nominated?
Again, I was not a fan of Ne-yo's album this time around, in addition, newcomers J. Holiday and Karina were more worthy, but should still be on the "OUT" list.

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