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American Idol Recap: Matt Giraud And Danny Gokey Take Charge, Adam Lambert Gets Judges Praise

The Top 13 finalists vying to be the next American Idol, performed to the historic catalog of Michael Jackson, this past Tuesday night. In the end, Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez were sent packing, but peep my brief review below:

Mother of three, Lil Rounds, kicked thing off with "The Way You Make Me Feel", and although she picked one of the least vocally challenging songs, she did a great job of making it her own. Lil has proved she has a big voice, so I welcomed the change, plus it showed her versatility as an artist. The judges also sung her praises, but Simon had a dislike for her attire, and sadly I have to agree.

Matt Giraud, who performed one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs, "Human Nature", delivered big time with his lush, yet powerful vocals. Great performance.

Danny Gokey, who has consistently been great since his initial audition, performed "PYT (Pretty Young Thang)", and though I was skeptical about the song choice, Danny proved he can just flat out sing. He really takes a strong likening to Taylor Hicks, which scares me a bit, because although Taylor can sing, he's also extremely boring. That said, nothing can take away from the vocal brilliance of this performance.

Adam Lambert, who was the break out star of the night, earned a rave review from Simon and Paula even predicted he was heading to the finals, after he delivered his version of "Black or White". To be honest, I wasn't nearly as enthused about the performance as any of the judges, it had its moments, both bad and good, and vocally it was all over the place. That said, it was definitely a unique take on a classic, a task which I can definitely appreciate.

Alexis Grace, who closed the show with "Dirty Diana", managed to do a pretty good job. That said, her biggest problem is that she thinks a great singer, instead of the good singer she is, and that causes her to take chances that vocally, she just isn't ready to do.

Jasmine Murray, who sung "I'll Be There", was like a deer in headlights through the entire performance. It was clear that the nerves were taking effect and that the big stage was bigger than her voice could ever hope to be. That said, her performance was not one of the worse two, so Jasmine should still be there, but the people have spoken and they said "GOODBYE".

Aside for the performances above, it really baffles me that American gave Anoop Desai, another try after this week's disastrous performance.

Another performance worth noting, is Kris Allen, who performed another one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs "Remember the Times". The performance started off really great, but things sort of went down hill from there. That said, Kris has something going for him that few, if any, of the other contestants have....HE'S CUTE.

This coming week, the contestants will select and perform songs popularized by Opry members. Carrie Underwood will perform her hit single, "I Told You So," with fellow Opry member Randy Travis, who will also be participating as Idol's "Opry" mentor for the show's contestants.

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