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Kelly Clarkson Covers 'Blender'

Check out Grammy winner Kelly Clarkson covering the latest issue of Blender.

On peeing in the shower:
“Anybody who says they don’t is lying.”

On taking pleasure in walking around naked:
“I’m the kinda person who just doesn’t like clothes.”

On blowing her nose and then checking the tissue to see what color the snot is:
“I mean, if you have a cold, you have to check, to see how sick you are.”

On the essence of her appeal:
“The thing with me, and my audience in particular is, people look at me like a sister or a daughter. It’s not like people look at me as unattainable, some kind of star like that. People love the ‘real’ factor that’s involved, I think.”

On being an open book and willing to “talk about anything”:
“I do not lie. Ever. I will tell my girlfriend if she looks fat in her jeans… When you don’t make yourself clear or heard, that’s where trouble starts. And that’s something I learned as a child. No one is going to know what you feel unless you tell them.”

Seriously, peeing in the shower, that's disgusting. I recommend Ms.Clarkson thinks before she speaks next time.

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