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Glamour (September 2011)

Barbados beauty Rihanna shows off her playful side in a sizzling new photo shoot for the September issue of Glamour, which hits stands on August 9th.

More smoking-hot shots, excerpts and behind-the-scenes coverage below...

Glamour (September 2011) Glamour (September 2011) Glamour (September 2011)

On Pushing Through Tough Times:
“I think honesty is the ultimate liberation in life. People want to shy away from the truth and keep sweeping it under the rug. But after a while, you pick up the rug and there’s just way too much dirt, so you might as well just be up front about it.”
On Being A Role Model:
“I want to set the right example and, at the same time, live my life….I feel like pop stars can’t be rock stars anymore because they have to be role models, and it takes the fun out of it for us, because we just want to have fun with art.”
On Having No Tolerance For Drama:
“I hate drama. But at the same time, nothing bothers me more than when life’s perfect. And that’s the sick part. I just love a challenge, whether it’s a relationship, my career, clothing…”
On Her Fashionable Ways:
“Getting dressed, I want to pick the most bizarre pair of shorts so I can figure out how to make it look right, or work an outfit that will make people go, ‘What the hell is she wearing?’”
Glamour (September 2011) Glamour (September 2011) Glamour (September 2011)

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