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Sneak Peek: Britney Spears - 'Work Bitch'

Britney Spears : Work Bitch photo rs_560x415-130926191225-1024Britney-Spearsms092613_copy.jpg

Looks can be deceiving, but judging by the 10-second teaser Britney Spears just released of her new video for "Work Bitch", the 31-year-old pop superstar is on a mission to show the world that she still has "it" in her.

The clip, which will premiere on October 1st, is being helmed by Ben Mor and the director recently opened up about the forthcoming video, saying: "This one is basically [saying] 'The queen is back and she’s about to show all these bitches how it's done.' It's her being really fierce and taking back her throne in a way." Watch a preview beneath:

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