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Cardi B Talks Debut Album On Fiery 'Rolling Stone' Cover

Rolling Stone magazine is hailing Cardi B as the breakout star of 2017, and the rap siren covers the publication's Hot Issue, where she dishes on her upcoming debut album (which she has yet to complete), the pressures of fame and love. Read excerpts below:

On Her Debut Album: "I got six, seven solid songs that I like. But I wonder if a month from now, I’m going to change my mind. She added: “It’s not as fun to do music. My mind doesn’t flow as free ’cause I have so much on my mind."

On Fame: "I cannot turn my life back around. I’m already a public figure, I’m famous. … It’s like, I might as well keep it going, might as well make the money. People are always going to talk shit — I cannot make myself unfamous."

On the State of Rap: "It’s so sad to say, and I don’t want to be the one to say it, but you gotta follow the trend. This generation loves to get high. They love to be on drugs. This is why they on that shit: They don’t want to think about what you’re saying."

On Fiancee Offset: "We polish each other. I could always ask him, ‘Do you think this is OK to do? Do you think I’m getting tricked?'"

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