October 2008 - Celebrity Bug


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Album Cover: Britney Spears - 'Circus'

10/31/2008 0
Check out the official album cover and track-listing for Britney Spear's forthcoming album 'Circus' below:

Simply beautiful.

1. Womanizer
2. Circus
3. Out From Under
4. Kill The Lights
5. Shattered Glass
6. If U Seek Amy
7. Unusual You
8. Blur
9. Mmm Papi
10. Mannequin
11. Lace and Leather
12. My Baby
13. Radar (Bonus Track)

In other Britney Spears news, 'Circus' has been confirmed as her next single, which has been described as a crazy uptempo track.
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Celebrity Bug's Most Beautiful Man & Woman of 2008 (Part 7)

10/31/2008 0
David Beckham

Halle Berry

David Beckham and Halle Berry, are simply two dreams to look at and each of them effortlessly give off sex appeal. When it comes to these two, it rarely gets any better.

Tidbits: David joins Tony Parker as the only two athletes, while Halle is 1 of just 3 black actresses to make the cut, not counting the singers who act (or try to).

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T.I. Guests On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

10/31/2008 0

T.I. is still making the media rounds. His latest stop was 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he was interviewed (above) and performed “Whatever You Like” (below).

Good Stuff.

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Beyonce Performs 'If I Were A Boy' On Music Station

10/31/2008 0
Beyonce flew into Japan yesterday morning to start her promotional blitz for her third solo album ‘I Am...Sasha Fierce’. Delivering the first ever performance of her latest new single ‘If I Were A boy’ (which rose 68 to 3 on the Billbard charts this week, thanks to Itunes). Check it out:

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Girlicious - 'Baby Doll' Video

10/31/2008 0

With their album only being released in Canada, where they are surprisingly having some success, Girlicious have chosen 'Baby Doll' as their latest release. Here they continue their trend of forgettable songs and horrid visual offerings.

If they plan on moving that success from Canada to the US, then they have to come harder than this. They actually had a solid album, but I can't say the same about the single choices.

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Keyshia Cole Featuring Tupac - 'Playa Cardz Right' Video

10/31/2008 0
2Pac duets posthumously with Keyshia Cole in the video for 'Playa Cardz Right', the first single from Keyshia’s third album 'A Different Me', scheduled for release on December 16th. Watch it below:

Keyshia look nice, but put simply, I just don't think this song is strong enough to support a project.
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John Legend Performs 'Green Light' On Letterman

10/31/2008 0

In support of his third studio album 'Evolver' (in stores now), John Legend made an appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman to perform current single 'Green Light'. Good performance.

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Lil' Wayne - 'Mrs Officer / Comfortable' Video

10/31/2008 0
Watch Lil' Wayne’s latest video for 'Mrs. Officer / Comfortable' featuring Bobby Valentino below:

Good Stuff.
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T.I. On 'The Tyra Banks Show'

10/30/2008 0

T.I. continued his promo run with an appearance on the 'The Tyra Banks Show'. The King of the South spoke about going to jail, working with Ludacris, losing his virginity at 11 years old, the last time he cried, and being compared to Jesus.

Definitely an informative interview, T.I.'s very charming (to say the least).

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New Beyonce Promo Shot

10/30/2008 0
Another new promotional shot for Beyonce's 'I Am...Sasha Fierce' has surfaced and it is FIERCE!
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New Music: Christina Aguilera - 'Dynamite'

10/30/2008 1
A 30-second preview of a brand new Christina Aguilera track surfaced today. The song is called ‘Dynamite’ and will be featured on Christina’s forthcoming Greatest Hits album ‘Keeps Gettin’ Better: A Decade of Hits’. Check it out below:

To put it simply, the song is in the pits.
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Ginuwine Lines Up New Album For 2009

10/30/2008 0
Ginuwine is set to return in the first quarter 2009 with a new single and album. The as-yet-untitled project will be released by Notifi Records, with distribution through Warner Bros. Notifi is headed by CEO Ira Dewitt.

In addition to singer/songwriter/producer Tank, who is executive producing the album, Ginuwine is collaborating with Next founding member RL and Harold Lilly Jr., among others.

"Everything is still in the works," Ginuwine tells Billboard.com. "I don't want to rush anything. I'm just working on various songs and definitely hoping to work with others like Polow da Don and Timbaland. However, at this point I can say the music will reflect a maturing Ginuwine. I'm not the same young man I was when I first got into music. "

Ginuwine was 21 when he hit big in 1996 with "Pony," his first crossover hit (No. 1 R&B, No. 6 pop). The single garnered the Washington, D.C. native a contract with 550 Music/Epic and propelled his Timbaland-produced debut album, "Ginuwine -- The Bachelor," to multi-platinum status. [Source]
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Celebrity Bug's 50 Most Beautiful (Part 6)

10/30/2008 0
Matthew McConaughey

(featured above) George Clooney, Vanessa Williams, Toni Braxton, Eva Mendes, Brad Pitt, Christina Milian, & Usher.

Tidbits: Brad Pitt's counterpart Angelina Jolie didn't make the list, Usher joins Chris Brown as the only two male R&B singers to make the list, while Giselle Bundchen was the only model to make the cut.
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Ashanti Performs 'Defying Gravity' At Wicked's 5th Anniversary

10/30/2008 2
As previously reported singer/song-writer Ashanti took part in a one-night-only benefit performance celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the Broadway smash 'Wicked', and finally the performance has surfaced. Check it out below:

Ashanti totally nailed this, especially those ending notes.

The singer received rave reviews with MTV calling her performance "the best number of all" and "showstopping". [Source]

Good for her and whether you like her or not, there's no denying that the singer is on her hustle and doesn't let all the criticism stop her from continuing to shine.
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The Pussycat Dolls Perform On 'DWTS'

10/30/2008 0
The Pussycat Dolls performed their latest US single ‘Whatcha Think About That’ on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ along with Missy Elliott. Check it out:

I have nothing positive to say about this performance, except that it more than proved that Melody should be in the driver's seat with Nicole, instead of riding shotgun. Also, that last note was killer, and I don't mean that in a good way.
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Video Roundup: Kat Deluna / Shontelle

10/30/2008 4
Despite being dropped from Epic Records, Kat DeLuna premiered her brand new video for ‘In The End’. Check it out:

Barbados singer-songwriter Shontelle has a brand new video and single called ‘Battle Cry’ that pays tribute to Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Check it out:

Shontelle’s debut album ‘Shontelligence’ will drop in stores on November 18th, and also features her hit single ‘T-Shirt’, which you can peep below:

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New Beyonce Promos

10/30/2008 0
Check out these additional promos to surface from Beyonce's upcoming album 'I Am... Sasha Fierce':

She looks nice, but the whole black and white theme just FAILS to catch my attention, in fact, it all comes off as a complete bore.
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Brandy Performs 'Right Here (Departed)' On TRL

10/30/2008 0
R&B songstress Brandy performed her current single 'Right Here (Departed)' on MTV's TRL yesterday. Check it out:

Total redemption, everything about this performance was on point (stage presence, vocally).
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Ashanti Talks Movies, TV, Nelly, & Future Plans

10/29/2008 0
In a interview with Chicago's Bionce Foxx, Ashanti talked about her album 'The Declaration', film and TV projects, and her future projects. Check it out:

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Beyonce Briefly Performs 'Single Ladies' Live

10/29/2008 0
Beyonce made a surprise appearance during her hubby Jay-Z's set at Power 105.1 show last night at New Jersey's IZOD Center, performing a brief showing of her current single 'Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)'. Check it out:

HOT, definitely a treat to tide us over until she takes full force in the coming album support.
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Celebrity Bug's 50 Most Beautiful (Part 5)

10/29/2008 0
Jennifer Lopez

(featured above) Chace Crawford, Lauren Conrad, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Giselle Bundchen, Ciara, & Kate Hudson.

Tidbits: Rihanna joins Chris Brown as the last of the 6 couples, Lauren Conrad joins Kim Kardashian as the only two reality TV stars, while Chace Crawford is the only member from CW's 'Gossip Girl' to make the cut, as was Eva Longoria of ABC's 'Desperate Housewives'.
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Usher - 'Hush' Video

10/29/2008 0
Check out Usher's latest video for the political track 'Hush' below:

Great message.

In other Usher news, the singer told Billboard that the new album will be “all about adapting new musical styles in creating a unique blend between what he knows will work here in America and what he knows will be appreciated worldwide”. You can read the full article here.
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Chilli Graces 'Upscale' Magazine

10/29/2008 0
Check out former TLC member Chilli’s astounding Harley Davidson spread in the November issue of 'Upscale' magazine.

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T.I. featuring Rihanna- 'Live Your Life' Video / Chelsea Lately

10/28/2008 0
Watch the full premiere of T.I.’s new video for 'Live Your Life' featuring Rihanna. The video was directed by Anthony Mandler ('Disturbia'), Check it out:

A shining cinematic piece that coincided with the song very well, I likes. Rihanna also looks stunning.

T.I. was also guest on E!’s 'Chelsea Lately', view the hilarious interview below:

T.I. was more than charming and Chelsea continued to prove Jay Leno and David Letterman know nothing about comedy.
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Celebrity Bug's 50 Most Beautiful (Part 4)

10/28/2008 0
Justin Timberlake

(featured above) Christina Aguilera, Queen Latifah, Patrick Dempsey, Hayden Panettiere, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce Knowles, & Kerry Washington.

Tidbits: Justin Timberlake joins Jessica Biel to bring the couple total to 5, Queen Latifah is 1 of 2 current Covergirls to make the cut, Kim Kardashian is 1 of 2 reality TV stars to make the list, and Patrick Dempsey joins Katharine Heigl as the last of the two from Grey's Anatomy.
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New Music: Solange featuring Snoop Dogg - 'I Decided' (Remix)

10/28/2008 0

A brand new version of Solange's hit 'I Decided' featuring rapper Snoop Dogg has surfaced, and its a nicely done funk inspired version.

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Brandy Performs 'Right Here (Departed)' Live

10/28/2008 1
R&B songstress Brandy gave, what many say is her first live performance of comeback single 'Right Here (Departed)' at Jam 94.5's Monsterball show in Boston last night. Check it out:

Love Brandy, but I have nothing positive to say about this performance.
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Toni Braxton Talks Plastic Surgery, Her Son's Autism, & Meeting Her Goal On DWTS

10/28/2008 0
The winding marble staircase in Toni Braxton's cavernous Las Vegas home is more than an eye-catching, Tuscan-style focal point. For Braxton, it's also a reminder of the day her life changed.

Last April, while her two sons watched Jerry Seinfeld's cartoon 'Bee Movie' in the living room, Braxton decided to run upstairs for a minute. Until she realised she couldn't.

"It felt like someone was pushing me back, and I could hardly climb the stairs. I was completely out of breath. I could barely talk. It was scary," recalls Braxton, who at the time was the resident headlining act at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

Her husband, musician Keri Lewis, rushed the six-time Grammy award winner to the hospital. After a series of tests, Braxton's personal cardiologist determined she was suffering from microvascular angina, in which 23 per cent of the blood flow to her heart was blocked.

For Braxton, it was the latest in a series of personal challenges: In the late '90s she had declared bankruptcy, and two years ago she learned that her younger son Diezel, 5, has autism. True to form, she decided to face this new challenge head-on.

"I'm not a person who likes to ask, 'Why me?'" the 41-year-old Braxton says matter-of-factly. "I think it some days - but I won't say it."

But after months of cardiac rehabilitation, Braxton reveals she was still "being afraid, sitting at home saying, 'I'm never going up those stairs.'" Finally, she decided to step up her emotional and physical recovery by agreeing to compete on Dancing with the Stars.

The decision didn't sit well with her husband. "I was sceptical," says Lewis, 37. But since she began competing this fall, he's come on board. "It's such a great opportunity for her to get in a different mind-set, as opposed to worrying about her blood pressure and her heart," Lewis says. "People get to see how warm and loving she is."

Not to mention sexy, as the 5'2", 100lb. Braxton has embraced the show's sultry, sequined costumes. "I like to be a little risque with the fashion," she admits.

But at home, Braxton's daily uniform is blue jeans - all the better for baking cookies and heading to PTA meetings, as well as raising her two sons. Older son Denim, 6, "is smart," says Braxton. "He Googles everything," including some sites that have his mom grateful for parental controls.

While Denim started school earlier than his peers, when her son Diezel was a year old, Braxton could tell that he was developing differently and was lacking in vocabulary and motor skills. "He wasn't saying my name. No eye contact. He wouldn't say 'cup' or 'juice,'" Braxton says.

"As a mom, you can tell." The same day she learned, after numerous consultations with specialists, that Diezel was autistic, she had to go onstage at the Flamingo. In tears, she broke down and told the audience what had happened.

"You tend to blame yourself," Braxton says. "Is there something I did wrong? A lot of times, parents are in denial because they want to think their child is perfect. But it's just that these kids have to be taught differently. Diezel has a sensory issue, for example. When we go to movies, we bring his earmuffs because certain sounds pierce his ears. He told me it's like sharp pencils poking his ear."

Today, an ABA (applied behavior analysis) specialist accompanies her son to kindergarten and works with him at home. "A friend of mine told me, 'Toni, all these autistic kids in the world now, they are God's new angels, and they are here to show us life differently,'" says Braxton, who also serves as a spokeswoman for the charity Autism Speaks. "I've been embracing that. I've come to terms with it. He's a wonderful kid."

Braxton prides herself on being there for her boys, whipping up a bowl of linguine with clam sauce (a family favorite), helping with homework and playing endless games of SpongeBob Monopoly. It's a different life than the one she had growing up in Severn, Md.

The oldest of six children, Braxton and her siblings were raised by strict Methodist parents. "We never celebrated Halloween or Christmas," says Braxton. "Those holidays were pagan." Her parents "loosened up" over time, but Braxton was shocked when, eight years ago, they announced they were divorcing (her father has since remarried).

The singer felt adrift and unsure of how to deal with their split as an adult. "You love your parents equally, but it's just uncomfortable because they aren't together," she says, noting that they nevertheless both came to her bedside when she was recuperating and "the grandkids helped them merge together. We're still really close."

Braxton now takes a clear-eyed, pragmatic approach to life, including the realities of the music business. A decade ago, she watched all of her belongings tagged for sale to pay off the US$3.9 million she owedcreditors. Ultimately, she reclaimed her Grammys - and her financial security - and made a comeback in 1998 playing Belle in 'Beauty and the Beast' on Broadway. She was the first African American to star as a Disney character in the production.

"That was a great experience. African-American girls and Caucasian girls came up to me afterwards," she says, adding that she hopes to return to Broadway again when she gets her "health back to where I can do six to eight shows a week."

In the meantime, having completed her Vegas stint, she is working on a new album for Atlantic Records, due in spring 2009 She makes no excuses for what went wrong in the past. "I did spend all my money, if I'm going to be honest," she says. "I'm not bitter or angry about it."

Braxton is equally candid about plastic surgery: "Been there, done that," she says of her nose job and breast augmentations. "Parts of me are 41 and parts of me are 20." But after having a second breast augmentation to correct a mishap with the first attempt, Braxton now says she'll do "nothing else. I don't want to be a turkey, stuffed and plucked and baked."

Even if she finds herself winning more Grammys in the future Braxton isn't going to start sweating the small stuff. What she's survived, she says, "changes your life completely. A fellow heart patient told me, 'From now on, make sure you live life.' So now I'm living."

But Braxton will no longer break it down on 'Dancing with the Stars'. The singer and her professional partner, Alec Mazo, were eliminated Tuesday from ABC’s popular dancing competition.

“My goal was reached,” said Braxton. “I wanted to do better. I wanted to breathe better. And I was definitely breathing better. I’ve come a long way from Week One to Week Now.”

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Beyonce's 'I Am...Sasha Fierce' Promo Video

10/28/2008 0
Check out Beyonce's promo video for her new album 'I Am ... Sasha Fierce', scheduled to hit stores on November 18th:

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Album Cover: Ludacris - 'Theater of the Mind'

10/28/2008 0
Check out the cool cover artwork for Ludacris' sixth studio 'Theater of the Mind' below:

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Ciara on Firing Her Manager, 50 Cent, & Beyonce Stealing Her Song Concept

10/28/2008 0
If Ciara lived in a fantasy world, she and 50’s platonic relationship wouldn’t be a topic of discussion, her former manager; Phillana Williams wouldn’t have anything dire to say about her, and inquiries about Beyonce’s, “If I Were A Boy” resembling her 2006 smash hit, “Like A Boy” wouldn’t exist. The ATL native recently stopped by Angela Yee’s, "Lip Service" radio program over at Shade 45’s Sirius Satellite Radio to discuss the aforementioned issues as well as her take on a certain gossip blogger who just can’t get the facts straight.

Ever since her hot and steamy, “I Can’t Leave Em Alone” clip with G-Unit head honcho, 50 Cent, the gossip mill couldn’t stop chit chatting about the duo’s newest domestic alliance. But of course, Ciara has since swatted away any connection regarding the pair and didn’t hesitate to do so when the "Lip Service" host brought a specific scenario to her attention. Angela Yee mentioned a past conversation with Robert Green, author to 50’s new book, “The 50th Law”, in which she asked Green, “Have you met his girlfriend?” Green replied, “Oh yea, Ciara, she’s always with him”. Yee then suggested how cute she and 50 Cent look as a couple in which Ciara retorted in a low tone, “We’re good friends”.

Seeing how Ciara is far from a confrontational figure, her feelings on Beyonce’s newest offering, “If I Were A Boy” which closely resembles her “Like A Boy” tune from her sophomore set, Ciara: The Evolution, were everything but harsh, “Well you know, it’s definitely the same concept; the actual song, but I really don’t have anything crazy to say about B and her choice of records. I have a lot of respect her, you know what I mean?” said the singer.

CiCi even revealed her support for Mrs. Carter and insisted woman beefing in the music business is only insidious to the industry, “Both she and I have had little conversations here and there and I think we both give each other equivalent support. I’ll just say that I’m supporting what she has going on right now and I’m excited about her project. I don’t think that, as woman, we should have beef within this industry; I’m not a rapper so I don’t really get into that either.”

In addition to the fueling rumors concerning her and Beyonce, she also, surprisingly, opened up about her recent split with long-time manager, Phillana Williams. The singer kept coy about the issue, but again, had nothing negative to say about her former employee, “I won’t get too much into details about it for many different reasons and like I say, I don’t want to say anything crazy about anybody, but I am no longer working with my old manager, Phillana Williams,” Ciara asserted.

Though details are sketchy about the split, Ciara remained positive and laminated the issue with an optimistic point of view, “We’ve had really cool years together, worked really hard together and I’ll never take that away from what it was, but it’s a new day and new things are happening, so I’m wishing her well with everything she has going on because she is a hard worker”, clarified CiCi. “She is a very, very focused individual and I enjoyed our years together; she was like family to me so I have nothing crazy to say.”

[Spotted @ BET]
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Album Cover: Soulja Boy - 'iSouljaboytellem'

10/28/2008 0
Check out the official album cover for Soulja Boy's sophomore album 'iSouljaboytellem' below:

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Kim Kardashian Covers 'Vegas'

10/28/2008 0
Check out Kim Kardashian's cover and photo spread for the November 2008 issue of 'Vegas' magazine.

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Zac Efron's 'Footloose' Gets Fast-Tracked After 'High School Musical 3' Tops Box Office

10/28/2008 0
After Zac Efron's stellar weekend at the box office playing Troy Bolton in "High School Musical 3: Senior Year," he's ready to graduate into the role made famous by Kevin Bacon in "Footloose," acording to "Variety.

The film's production reportedly has been fast-tracked since Efron's hot box-office weekend and the deal, which Variety reports is "just about set," will give him a mid-seven-figure pay day as well as script approval. And unlike "HSM," whose core audience is tween-age, the "Footloose" remake is aimed at older teens and young adults. The film will again pair Efron with "HSM" director Kenny Ortega.

Also on hand for the project is "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" director Peter Sollett, who will rewrite the film's original script. Although the original wasn't a musical, the new version will include songs written specifically for the remake as well as the original's hits, which include the title song, "Let's Hear It for the Boy," "Almost Paradise" and "Holding Out for a Hero."

Earlier this month, Bacon gave Efron his blessing, and Efron is pumped about the endorsement. "It's great," he told MTV News. "I couldn't be more excited. He's the man."

Although Efron dances in "HSM" and will be dancing a lot more in "Footloose," he said he doesn't consider himself a dancer. "My idols in dance are Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire," he said, before quickly adding, "I say that like I'm a dancer."

[Spotted @ MTV]
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Michelle Williams Covers Rihanna's Hit 'Don't Stop The Music'

10/28/2008 0
Michelle Williams recently performed a set for Yahoo Music's Pepsi Smash, where she covered Rihanna's 'Don't Stop The Music', as well as, her own song 'Hello Heartbreak'. Check it out:

Vocally, definitely a better live offering than Rihanna, actually both of these performances were also a step up for Michelle considering those disastrous Jimmy Kimmel performances.
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Album Cover: Mya - 'Sugar & Spice'

10/28/2008 0
Check out the official cover art for Mya's forthcoming new album ‘Sugar & Spice’. The album will be released exclusively to Japan on December 3rd courtesy of Manhattan Records. The CD’s first single ‘Paradise,’ will hit Itunes Japan on November 5th:

Cute cover.

Check out her Ne-Yo written first single 'Paradise' below:

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Toni Braxton Covers 'JET'

10/28/2008 0
Check out Grammy winning star Toni Braxton covering the latest issue of 'JET':

Isn't it ashamed the JET has been around for going on 60 years and they still resort to using photos from outside agencies instead of having a photographer to shoot new spreads for their cover subjects.
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Album Cover: 'Cadillac Records' Soundtrack

10/28/2008 0
Check out the official album cover for the soundtrack of the upcoming movie 'Cadillac Records', which will featuring three songs by Beyonce, including her rendition of the classic 'At Last'.

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Jon B. Brings Back ‘Straight Up R&B’

10/28/2008 0
Before Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke, there was Jon B.

After four years away from the spotlight, the original blue-eyed soul singer returns with his new album 'Helpless Romantic', available in stores and online Tuesday.

Love is at the epicenter of his latest project. “I think people can feel my energy in a very deep way, and when people hear this album they’re gonna understand what I mean. You can expect a really romantic atmosphere. I simplified it back to my roots,” says the 33-year-old. “Straight up R&B.”

Jon calls “The Ride of Our Lives,” a duet with his artist Jonesii, the album’s most personal record in which he sings about the moments before his daughter’s birth.

But it’s been a minute since the Rhode Island native debuted in 1995 and other white R&B vocalists are clamoring for his position. “I would definitely say I knocked down some of the barriers that existed in music. I don’t think they had to deal with energies quite as hostile, in terms of being a white cat in a predominantly black industry,” Jon explains when asked if he believes he’s paved the way for other blue-eyed soul singers.

An R&B cat for life, Jon is focused on keeping the genre alive and thriving. “It’s the essence of what we do, the emotion in what we do that makes it valid.”

Jon B. will perform Monday night at the Thurgood Marshall College Fund 21st Anniversary Awards Dinner in New York.

Visit his official website at JonBmusic.com.
[Spotted @ Rap-Up]

Album Review Coming Soon.
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Danity Kane Update: Cassie Is 'Not Joining,' But Shannon Bex Departs

10/28/2008 0
As the fallout continues from Danity Kane parting ways with Aubrey O'Day and D. Woods, speculation was rife in the blogosphere that R&B songstress Cassie would be joining the group as its new frontwoman.

And on Monday (October 27), rumors began spreading that Shannon Bex has left the group as well — leaving only Aundrea Fimbres and Dawn Richard as Danity Kane — based on information a "source" told Elvis Duran from New York radio station Z100.

Bex had said she was "shell-shocked" by O'Day and Woods' departures. On Monday, MTV News reached out to a rep from Atlantic Records, the group's label, who shot down rumor #1 but did not address rumor #2.

"Cassie is not joining DK," the rep said. "Cassie is set to release her second solo album in spring of '09."

But what about the Shannon rumor? At press time, the rep had not responded to repeated queries on that issue.

Duran's blog post reads in part: "You remember Shannon, the nice, quiet, married girl who was a great team player. Well, guess little momma has more b---s than all the rest of them! Tired of the drama, cat fights and Diddy, she hands in her microphone and tells Mr. Badboy Worldwide where to stick it!"

On the season finale of "Making the Band 4" earlier this month, Diddy told O'Day, "See, your attitude is gonna have you in a dark and lonely place. ... What you need to do, at the end of the day, is humble yourself," and told Woods that she got "caught up in the wrath" of O'Day. [Source]

It really doesn't matter consider without Aubrey and D. Woods the group was done, but hopefully the group works out their differences and get back to what's most important THE MUSIC.
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