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New Music: Ashanti - 'Never Should Have'

Ashanti : Never Should Have (Single Cover) photo Ashanti-Never-Should-Have-CelebrityBug.png

Broken hearts are often the foundation of great records and for her newest single, award-winning songstress Ashanti pours all of the emotion and feelings of a relationship that started off as fairytale, but doesn't end happily.

"How did we start off in love and end up here?", sings a hurt Ashanti on the Mansur-produced record. "You never should have loved me / You never should have touched me / You never should have told me you loved me and you would never leave me."

Listen to "Never Should Have", from her upcoming studio album 'Brave Heart', below:

With "Never Should Have", Ashanti delivers her most radio-friendly single since "Only U" and perhaps, the best vocal performance of her career.

She has always been one of R&B's top songwriters and now, she is finally finding a way to infuse the perfect amount of emotion needed to take her songs to the next level, which is much more evident here than her previous releases from the 'Brave Heart' era.

With that said, the record is not a complete slam dunk for Miss Douglas, but at this point, we think both she and her dedicated fans will simply settle for the traditional field goal.

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